Welcome to the first phase of creating your new logo. 

To help us create the best logo for you, please answer these questions to the best of your ability. Some of the questions may appear redundant, but answer them as best you can.
There is a method to the madness.
What's the name of your company, product, service, or brand?

Example: JStreet Branding
What is it that your business, organization, or company actually do?

What service does your company perform? (Are you a tax company, bakery, auto repair shop?)
Why does your service or brand matter?

Why would someone need you, this service or product?
Who are your competitors in your industry?

Who do you compete with in your industry? What are the company names, profiles, websites etc?
What makes you different from your competitors?

Differentiation is key. What is your competitive advantage?
Describe your target audience?

Career driven women between the ages of 21-30
What are the thoughts you want clients, customers, or consumers to think about your company?

What are the emotions you want them to feel about your business or brand?

Ex. Welcome, Trustworthy, Excited, Nervous, Hungry
What environment will people experience your brand in?

Ex. If you own a clothing store people may experience your brand in a shopping mall or plaza. If you're a personal trainer people may experience your brand at a gym, physician office, or health store.
What are some logos, brands, or design presentations you like and why?

Also include any other information you want us to know if it pertains to your company here.
That wasn't so bad was it?

Thank You
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